Friday, November 23, 2007

Whatever happened to Open source Designing

I guess you must be knowing about Open Source Software. Taking a leaf from the open source movement, during the last five years or so the open source web designs have been making their marks on the net. Open Source designs aim to provide web templates free of charge.

I entered the Open source web design movement with OSWD. I became really active with the forums and even contributed with some designs. But after some time I had been inactive for 4 months or so and when I came back the front page didn't show any change and its been that even today.

Then I thought of entering openwebdesign(OWD). I had been a member but never really used the account much. I am really dissatisfied with the functioning of OWD. I tried to upload a design but it wont allow me to do because I guess there is a bug in the uploading system. And its really shabby and has many other bugs.

So finally I found open designs, a site which I had been registered with right from some time after its launch but never really used it. At least it allowed me to upload my design and I am really happy that it has a good community. It is not that big yet but it is growing and I hope more people join it and support the open source web design movement.

Know any good open source web designing communities? Have an opinion on the Open Source Design movement? or have anything else to say about the topic then post it in the comments section.

And yes you'll get to see my latest Open Source design soon :)

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Cris Monde said...

Hope to see your designs on your post and give us some information and tips about designing and developing a sites.

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