Saturday, January 5, 2008

Orkut: Send Scrap(Spam) To All

I agree that Orkut doesn't stand against Myspace or Facebook, but still it has been my social network of choice because most of my friends are on it.

In Orkut, friends can write stuff to each other in the form of scraps. Over the past few weeks some people have unofficially implemented a "scrap all friends" feature. The problem with this feature is that they just made life easier for all the spammers on orkut. Over the past few days I have received all sorts of spam scraps, ranging from buying used laptops to getting free domain names. Plus these scraps come with an advertisement to make people join the community of the creator of this feature.

If Orkut is not going to come up with an official version of this feature then they shouldn't allow these to spring up.


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