Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Design : Ganesh02 - Aqua Reaction

I had made this design for a design contest which was held by Open Designs. Unfortunately the contest got canceled. So I thought that I should release this design on OD. I hope you like this design. I have decided to release this as the second design in my Ganesh## series. I guess this design is tailor-made for web hosting sites, but its very flexible and you can change the images to give it the look you desire. Good luck with your site and please make sure that you link back to me.

Download it from: Opendesigns


Anu said...

Excellent content - as you always provide and inspires me to come again and again. You are on my RSS reader now.

Unknown said...

hey thats a cool desighn yar.great work man:)

Website Design Company said...

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